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Why You Should Be Looking at Functional Web Development

Adam Granicz (IntelliFactory)
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WebSharper is a mature, open source web framework for developing enterprise-grade F# web applications. In this talk I will demonstrate how it accommodates standards-based web development by building on F#, a powerful functional language; what robust and sound functional programming abstractions it has for modeling user interfaces, web forms, safe URLs, and even entire web applications as F# values; and how its uniform, single-language development model makes writing client-server applications easy, robust, and fun.

Adam Granicz


Adam Granicz is a long-time F# insider and key community member, and the co-author of four F# books, including Expert F# 3.0 with Don Syme, the designer of the language. His company IntelliFactory specializes in consulting on the most demanding F# projects; shaping the future of the development of F# web, mobile and cloud applications; and developing WebSharper, the main web development framework for F#.