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Writing English

Kristen Dedeaux (Kristen Dedeaux Consulting )
Main Stage
Portland Ballroom
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Being clear and concise in all of your written communication lends credibility to your ideas and helps readers get the information they need more quickly. One way of ensuring clarity in your writing is by observing a few simple rules of syntax. In this talk, we’ll briefly explore a few of the most common grammatical pitfalls, such as the passive voice and misplaced modifiers. We’ll then focus on some simple, key ways in which everyone can improve their writing, particularly with regard to clarity.

Specific topics:

  • Using the active voice.
  • Fixing misplaced modifiers.
  • Using parallel sentence structure within bulleted/numbered lists.
  • Effectively using commas and semicolons.
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Kristen Dedeaux

Kristen Dedeaux Consulting

Kristen Dedeaux is a technical writer and an open source enthusiast. She has a passion for the written word and enjoys sharing her editorial expertise with others. Throughout her seven-year career as a content manager and editor in the fast-paced financial industry, she has championed several successful training programs and designed numerous writing workshops. Within the past year, she created an internal corporate blog, “The Writer’s Block: Tips for Better Business Writing”, which received positive feedback from users across the globe, particularly from software engineers. The fastest red pen in the West, she can wrangle any stubborn sentence into shape.