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Introduction to Ceph

Patrick McGarry (Red Hat)
Databases & Datastores | Operations & System Administration
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This Introduction to Ceph tutorial will include a mix of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations that will introduce students to the Ceph distributed storage system, the challenges it addresses, its architecture, and solutions it offers.

Students will leave understanding how Ceph works, how it can be integrated with your services and applications, and how it works alongside OpenStack.

Along the way, students will also learn how Ceph was created, how it grew over the years, and how it may be a good solution for your data storage challenges.

In this presentation, we shall cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the Ceph Architecture
    • RADOS
    • Data Placement through the CRUSH algorithm
    • Monitors
    • MDS
    • OSDs
  • Access Methods to the Ceph Storage Cluster
    • librados
    • RADOS Gateway
    • RBD Images
    • CephFS
  • Ceph and OpenStack
    • Cinder integration
    • Glance integration
  • Keystone integration
    • Ceph and S3


Prior to the class, attendees need to download the following ova files and have virtual box installed on your laptop and ready to use:

If you feel like building a multi-node Ceph Storage cluster, feel free to download the additional virtual machine images: and

In order to be able to go through this LAB material, you will need to make sure you have performed the following tasks and have the following environment:

1. If you do not have a virtualizer installed on your machine, please make sure you install one. We recommend going through this link:

We do support the following:
- VMWare Workstation on Microsoft Windows ! VMWare Fusion on MAC OSX
- VMWare VMPlayer
- ORACLE Virtual Box

2. If you have not done so, please download the Virtual Machine OVA files required from the Internet

3. If you have not done so, please import each Virtual Machine image in your virtualizer

4. Please download the file osdonly.txt needed for the lab:

QUESTIONS for the speaker?: Use the “Leave a Comment or Question” section at the bottom to address them.

Photo of Patrick McGarry

Patrick McGarry

Red Hat

Patrick is currently incarnated as a Director of Community at Red Hat working to spread the Ceph gospel. An experienced community manager, gamer, mischief maker, and all around geek, Patrick spent five years writing and managing Slashdot under the nomme du keyboard
‘scuttlemonkey.’ Patrick enthusiastically helps companies to understand and adopt Open Source ideals and continues to be a strong advocate of FOSS on the desktop and in the enterprise. He has strong feelings about tomatoes, longs for his deep, dark cave, and still
hates writing these bios.

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Picture of Venkateswararao Jujjuri
Venkateswararao Jujjuri
07/20/2014 4:37pm PDT

Can you please send me the charts (pdf file) of today’s session?

Picture of John Palmieri
John Palmieri
07/18/2014 11:19am PDT

And, cuz the obvious needs to be stated or it wouldn’t be obvious, for eric and frank as well: ceph/ceph

Picture of John Palmieri
John Palmieri
07/18/2014 10:33am PDT

Username/password for daisy: ceph/ceph