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Making maps with OpenStreetMap and Koop

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OpenStreetMap is a large, crowdsourced database that is changing the way we think about maps and data. However, the data within OSM can be cumbersome to access, manipulate, and visualize outside of a select set of tools and products. Koop is an open source platform written purely in Node.js whose goal is to make open data more easy to use and access. Koop’s primary objective is to act as a reflector of nearly any open data API into standard data structures and formats. This can help make data that Koop provides access to more flexible and much more adaptable to a variety of SDKs and tools. In our talk we’ll focus on showing how Koop can be used to access the treasure trove of data that is OSM as well as dive deep into several open data APIs to mine new kinds of knowledge. We’ll be showing off ways to combine data from multiple sources to make compelling maps and vizualizations with open source software and exploring the need for standards within the open data community.

Photo of Christopher Helm

Christopher Helm


Javascript Engineer / solver of geospatial problems

Andrew Turner


CTO of the Esri DC Dev Center