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Functionally Mobile (Automation)

Sebastian Tiedtke (Sauce Labs Inc)
Mobile Platforms
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One of Silicon Valley’s most accomplished internet veterans, Marc Andreessen, declared software as a driving factor of innovation and economic growth with the famous statement: “In short, software’s eating the world”.

As software quickly innovates, we witness a growing shift in the way humans interact with software applications. The most obvious trend is the shift from consumer and enterprise grade desktop applications to the mobile/smartphone platform.

My talk will outline a comprehensive approach for tackling the key challenges attached to the delivering smartphone users with a reliable and continuously tested mobile experience. My toolkit relies on emerging and exciting new open source components (some of which to be announced for the first time at OSCON).

I’m looking forward to taking OSCON attendees on a ride into the future of mobile app delivery, to spread some of my excitement around the powerful coordination of emerging open source services and javascript technologies.

Sebastian Tiedtke

Sauce Labs Inc

Born and raised at the foot of the Alps just outside of Munich in Germany, Sebastian spent his youth listening to David Hasselhoff songs. He wore Lederhosen and eagerly anticipated the day he could legally drink his first stein of beer.

When daddy put the first computer on his desk in the mid 90s, Sebastian quickly went on to figure out BASIC, Pascal and C/C++. Rainy afternoons were filled with building websites, countless iterations of Linux kernel makefile tweaks and compiler runs.

Before joining Sauce, Sebastian finished a degree in Software Development (in Munich), he spent almost a decade building customer information systems making transit information more accessible for people living in large metropolitan areas worldwide. His job commitment and passions for technology eventually made him move to San Francisco in 2009.

When Sebastian is not busy improving the Sauce experience he likes to take joyrides on his 1961 vespa. He’s a natural optimist in life and always sees the stein half full.

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Yong Guan
07/20/2014 9:48am PDT

My company is revamping test automation, and I’m working on several projects intended to make UI functional tests easier to develop and faster to run, and without the need of WebDriver.