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PHP 5.6 and Beyond: Because Incrementing Major Versions is for Suckers

Adam Harvey (Æcerbot)
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FSM willing, PHP 5.6 should be out by OSCON. As the third release since annual releases were adopted, it continues the trend of 5.4 and 5.5 by providing incremental improvements over the long running PHP 5 series while trying very hard not to break backward compatibility.

In this talk, I’ll describe what PHP 5.6 provides, look back at how distributions and server hosts have handled the faster pace of PHP releases, and talk about where PHP is going in terms of a new, backward compatibility breaking major release and how that might be handled, with particular reference to other languages that have attempted the same trick with varying degrees of success (from Perl to Python to Ruby).

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Adam Harvey


Adam is a PHP Agenteer (it’s totally a word) at New Relic who is celebrating his 20th year of swearing at browsers that refuse to do his bidding. In between said bouts of invective, Adam works on various open source projects, including PHP, and attempts to figure out the great mysteries of life (well, the cricket related ones, at least).