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Identity Crisis: Are We Really Who We Say We Are?

Karen Sandler (Software Freedom Conservancy)
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Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, will discuss the peculiar tension in the intersection of free and open source software and corporate interest. Working in free software often triggers a complicated set of allegiances. When tricky situations arise how do developers decide what their priorities are? As a community how do you know whether a contributor is advocated the best for the project of the best for their employer? How much can governance help? And at the end of the day, how do the ideological components to these projects really play out? And how should they?

Photo of Karen Sandler

Karen Sandler

Software Freedom Conservancy

Karen M. Sandler is the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. She is known for her advocacy for free software, particularly in relation to the software on medical devices. Prior to joining GNOME, she was General Counsel of the Software Freedom Law Center. Karen continues to do pro bono legal work with SFLC and serves as an officer of the Software Freedom Conservancy and an advisor to the Ada Initiative. She is also pro bono General Counsel to QuestionCopyright.Org. Karen is a recipient of the O’Reilly Open Source Award.

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Luis Zamora
08/04/2014 7:31am PDT

May we have the slides from this great philosophical presentation?