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Arduino Yun for Intermediate Arduino Users: Using the Onboard Linux Computer to Communicate with Other Computers and the Internet

Michael Shiloh (Arduino)
Education | Open Hardware
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The new Arduino Yun contains both an Arduino Leonardo and a full Linux system on a chip with built-in Ethernet and Wifi. This intermediate level hands-on tutorial will teach you how to use the Yun to communicate between Yun and Yun, Yun and laptop, and Yun and internet services, such Gmail, Twitter, and other services with APIs.

The Linux features of the Yun can be accessed a number of different ways. The Bridge library provides simple access to scripts and applications on the Linux side, without having to see the Linux command line. The Temboo library provides simple access to over a hundred APIs such as Facebook, Salesforce, NY Times, Dropbox, USPS, etc.

Full access to the Linux side is provided as well. The Yun runs Linino, derived from OpenWRT. Python, ssh, a web server, and many other programs are installed by default. The OpenWRT package manager provides makes it easy to install hundreds of other programs. You can write your own programs in Python and other languages. The Linux side includes a host USB port, for instance for a webcam.

In this hands-on tutorial participants will learn how to use the Bridge library (set up a web server and get results, verify the wifi status, get the time, log data to a file on the Linux side, and more), how to use the Temboo service to access online APIs, how to write their own programs on the Linux side, how to communicate between Yuns, between Yuns and their laptops, and Yuns and the internet. Time permitting, we will show how to attach a webcam to the Linux side and control it from Arduino.


* Participants must be comfortable with the Arduino hardware and software, know how to attach sensors and LEDs to an Arduino, and know how to write programs for Arduino.
* An Arduino Yun, and an Arduino component kit (breadboard, wires, assorted sensors, LEDs, motors, speakers, etc.) is required in order to participate. We have sourced the kit and parts for you, and the cost of this kit is $93. There will be an additional charge of $93 when you register for this tutorial. You will be provided with the kit onsite at the conference with proof of registration.
* Participants must have a laptop.
* Participants must have Arduino 1.5 installed. Time permitting, a webcam will be necessary for the webcam project.

The number of participants is limited, so don’t let someone take your place!

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