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Include Hack - HHVM - PHP++

Paul Tarjan (Facebook), Sara Golemon (Facebook)
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Last year, Facebook switched 100% of its production servers from a PHP to C++ compiler to our own virtual machine, HHVM. Since then, HHVM has gotten a further 2x faster, and now supports a huge number of PHP frameworks and extensions out of the box.

This talk will go through:

  • Our current capabilities (frameworks and extensions)
  • How we differ from standard php
  • Getting HHVM up and running
  • The exciting additional features available only in HHVM (spoiler, there’s lots)
Photo of Paul Tarjan

Paul Tarjan


I’m a juggling unicylcing web hacker @ Facebook.

I’m on the HipHop for PHP team making HHVM able to run all existing PHP code. Before that, I build many of the Open Graph tools and features. Before that I was the Tech Lead for Yahoo! SearchMonkey.

Sara Golemon


I work on PHP, HHVM, and wrote libssh2. I wrote a sizable chunk of Yahoo! Search’s front end, and now I make Facebook fast.

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Jianshen Ou
07/22/2014 3:51am PDT

There are two facebook topics run on same time, it’s hard to choice