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Open-Source DoS Testing and Defense

Christian Ternus (Akamai)
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Denial of Service attacks are becoming more and more common. Whether it’s chaotic actors doing it “for the lulz”, hacktivists looking to make a political point, or economically-motivated adversaries out to cost you money, DoS attacks are disruptive and costly.

In this talk, Christian Ternus will draw on his expertise as an adversarial security researcher for Akamai to talk about these attacks. We’ll touch on:

  • Knowing your weak points
  • Common types of attack
  • Open-source tools for testing
  • Easy defensive measures
  • The harder tradeoffs

Defending against attacks needn’t be complicated or expensive: a few simple measures can make you much safer. Let’s talk about how.

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Christian Ternus


Christian Ternus is a security researcher on Akamai Technologies’ Adversarial Resilience team, where he works on attacks, architecture, design, analysis, and the human factors in security. He graduated from MIT and has previously worked in kernel security and mobile health-tech. He has previously spoken at industry conferences including Boston Security, SOURCE Boston, and BrainTank, as well as organizing Akamai’s Humanity in Security miniconference. In his spare time, he is an avid photographer and adventure motorcyclist.