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Improv: Think, React, Go!

Wade Minter (Custom Communications), Andrew Berkowitz (TeamSnap), Bill Cernansky (ComedySportz)
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Every year, companies waste millions of dollars and countless employee hours because of an inability to communicate. In this workshop, two longtime corporate trainers (and principals in a successful high-tech startup) teach the basics of applied improv for better communication, idea generation and decision making. You’ll come away with techniques and exercises you can take back to your own company, your distributed team or your Github-based open source project.

This is not a lecture, but an on-your-feet workshop. Participants will move, laugh and get to know each other while learning the basics of applied improvisation. The “Yes And” philosophy of improv is valuable for managers, team members or anyone needing to simply get their group on the same page. No need to take notes — all participants will receive a link to the entire curriculum, as well as additional exercises and information they can take back to their own companies. New material for 2014 makes this a great choice for first-timers or returning attendees.

Improv works for any kind of team— development, marketing or business —as well as both native and non-native English speakers. There’s no fire-walking, drum circles or touchy-feely stuff. Just real improv exercises for improving communication and decision making.

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Photo of Wade Minter

Wade Minter

Custom Communications

H. Wade Minter is the CTO and founding team member at TeamSnap, an application that makes managing sports teams and groups easy. He is also the ring announcer for a professional wrestling federation. The two may be related.

Photo of Andrew Berkowitz

Andrew Berkowitz


Andrew Berkowitz is a founder and Chief Product Officer at He is also Head Coach of ComedySportz Portland, a branch of the international Comedy Improv Theater.

Photo of Bill Cernansky

Bill Cernansky


Bill Cernansky is a veteran Software Configuration Management Engineer at Jeppesen. Bill also performs and teaches improvisation and oversees tech at ComedySportz Portland. In addition, he is arguably the best at jumping over this one thing in his backyard.

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Picture of Wade Minter
Wade Minter
07/24/2014 3:45am PDT

Thanks Tom! Also, “Fist Of Five” sounds like a great martial arts movie.

Tom Jahncke
07/24/2014 1:26am PDT

Andrew, thanks for the notes. Here is the fist or five I was telling you about after the session:

Picture of Andrew Berkowitz
Andrew Berkowitz
07/23/2014 10:30am PDT

Thanks to everyone for attending! Notes for the session are now available:

Improv: Think, React, Go – Notes