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Marketing Your Tech Talent

Deirdré Straughan (Amazon Web Services)
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Every tech job description nowadays wants “superstar talent”, but most companies still treat employee talent as a replaceable commodity. And so do most employees.

The Internet, open source, and cloud computing have radically changed how software is created, used, and sold. This shift offers a new career path for techies, similar to the Hollywood model: talents come together for a time on a project or startup, complete it, then move on to their next gig.

The success of each project depends not only on the participants’ real technical skills, but on the world’s recognition of those skills. Each of us is increasingly responsible for showcasing our own talents. In other words: marketing.

It’s a term from which most geeks recoil in horror, while having no problem with the actual tasks involved – indeed, each of you is likely already doing at least one of:

* Blogging
* Video
* Meetups, conferences, and other events – attending and speaking
* Open source contributions
* Tech Communities
* Publications (articles, books, documentation)
* Social media

Each of these communications tools can be used to accomplish several goals, including marketing yourself. This talk will provide practical advice on why you should and how you can use each of these (and others!) to communicate yourself and your work, and be recognized for your real skills and the value you bring to a project – without turning into a marketing weasel.

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Deirdré Straughan

Amazon Web Services

In a career spanning tech companies large and small, worldwide, Deirdré Straughan has constantly developed new ways to foster communication about technology between customers and companies, online and offline. She has particularly focused on innovative uses of media, in recent years producing hundreds of technical videos and live video streams for Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and Joyent, and for open source communities including OpenSolaris, illumos, SmartOS, and OpenZFS. You can learn more on