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Internet ALL the Things - a walking tour of MQTT

Andy Piper (Twitter)
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As the internet grows, there are more and more interesting devices to connect to it – some of which are mobile, sensor platforms, or healthcare devices. This is all part of the “Internet of Things” that has been an emerging area of excitement for the last few years. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard… oh my!

There’s growing interest in non-HTTP protocols in this space, and in particular in MQTT – a lightweight, scalable, messaging system for connected devices, the Industrial Internet, mobile, and the Internet of Things. In this session, we’ll look at the protocol, examine example code and devices, and talk about interoperability between open standards-based MQTT-capable brokers like RabbitMQ, mosquitto, HiveMQ and ActiveMQ. We will also look at the open source community that has grown up around this protocol and learn about ways to get involved, for example in the Eclipse Paho project and other areas.

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Andy Piper


Andy Piper is a Developer Advocate for Cloud Foundry, the Open Source Platform-as-a-Service. He is an Eclipse M2M IWG Community Member and has been involved with the Eclipse Paho project since the start, particularly through his former role advocating the use of MQTT at IBM, and helping to run the community website. Andy has a passionate interest in Open Source, small and mobile devices, cloud, the Internet of Things, and Arduino and related technologies. He is probably best known online as a “social bridgebuilder”. He was previously with IBM Software Group for more than 10 years, as a consultant, strategist, and WebSphere Messaging Community Lead.