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Start a Free Coding Club for Kids

Greg Bulmash (Amazon Alexa)
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20 million kids participated in the Hour of Code and a million more a week do the tutorials. But what happens after that hour?

Most Saturday mornings, the Seattle CoderDojo brings together around 70-80 boys and girls from elementary school through high school, dozens of parents and volunteers, and we teach the kids to code for free.

There are hundreds of clubs like this around the world and more are starting. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some meet more or less often, but we all share a common goal and a common set of values… the free and open sharing of knowledge and code with kids, involving the parents, and doing so in a supportive, safe environment.

This session will discuss how to start a CoderDojo, what it’s like to run one, how to recruit sponsors and volunteers, and how to teach kids.

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Greg Bulmash

Amazon Alexa

Greg Bulmash is an urban legend, former senior editor at IMDb, and he makes really awesome chocolate cookies.

During the days, he writes developer documentation for Microsoft, but evenings and weekends belong to Seattle CoderDojo where he somehow brings together dozens and dozens of kids, parents, and volunteers to run a free Saturday morning coding club.