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Mesos: An SDK for Distributed Systems Developers

Connor Doyle (, Niklas Nielsen (Mesosphere, Inc.), Adam Bordelon (Mesosphere)
Cloud | Tools & Techniques
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In this tutorial, the experts from Mesosphere will explain the core concepts behind writing frameworks for Apache Mesos, including a detailed description of the low-level tools at your disposal as a framework author. Attendees are encouraged to follow along on their own computers as we demonstrate how to write elastic services using several popular programming languages (without a single line of networking code). Participants will leave with the skills to build the future of distributed systems!


  • Introduction to Apache Mesos
  • When to write a Framework
  • Environment Setup
  • Hands-On Implementation
  • Q & A

Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that provides efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications. It can run Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MPI, Hypertable, Storm, Chronos, Marathon, and other applications on a dynamically shared pool of nodes. The biggest user of Mesos is Twitter, where it runs on tens of thousands of cores. Airbnb runs all of their data infrastructure on it, processing petabytes of data.


* No prior knowledge of Apache Mesos or distributed systems is required.
* Familiarity with at least one of the target languages (Python, Scala, or Go) will be helpful.
* All attendees should bring a laptop with Vagrant and VirtualBox pre-installed.

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Photo of Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle

Connor Doyle is a software engineer at Mesosphere, focused on developing tools around Apache Mesos. Before joining Mesosphere, Connor worked at the design firm Gensler where he worked on process improvement, internal libraries and distributed architecture in Scala. He completed his Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where his capstone project was a distributed simulator for doing multi-agent learning research.

Photo of Niklas Nielsen

Niklas Nielsen

Mesosphere, Inc.

Engineer at Mesosphere working at Apache Mesos. Prior to Mesosphere, I worked at Adobe on the Flash VM and Google V8, as well as a secret next-generation VM. Did my Master’s at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, working on debugging tools for future exascale systems.

Adam Bordelon


Adam is a distributed systems engineer at Mesosphere and works on Apache Mesos.
Before joining Mesosphere, Adam was lead developer on the Hadoop core team at MapR Technologies; he developed distributed systems for personalized recommendations at Amazon; and he rearchitected the LabVIEW compiler at National Instruments. He completed his Master’s degree at Rice University, building a tool to analyze supercomputer performance data for bottlenecks and anomalies.