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Making Money at Open Source without Losing Your Soul - A Practical Guide

Patrick McFadin (Datastax)
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We now live in a world where Open Source Software is as generally accepted as any commercial software. This doesn’t mean that there are lack of commercial aspects for OSS, Patrick is here to tell you, Open Source is a perfectly viable business model. Don’t worry! You don’t have to sell your soul to the suits on Wall Street and give up on the core values of open source to make it work. Patrick is employed by a company that (hopefully) embodies these values with a lot of success. He has also interviewed many business leaders in Open Source companies. Let him share some of what he’s learned so you too can be successful. The topics he will be covering are:

  • Picking the right open source license
  • Business models for monetizing open source
  • Engaging the community in a mutually beneficial way
  • Competing with commercial alternatives
  • The selling process (yes, we have to talk about that)
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Patrick McFadin


Patrick McFadin is regarded as a foremost expert for Apache Cassandra and data modeling. As Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra and consultant working for DataStax, he has been involved in some of the biggest deployments in the world.