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One Hat, Two Hats - How to Handle Open Source and Work

Ken Walker (Shopify Inc.)
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Ken went from a career in secretive mobile JVM development to complete open source web tooling on a whim. Over these last three years he’s had to fight to show progress both inside the company (rightly so) and within the Community (it’s free, why should they care?) What changed? How do you satisfy both worlds in terms of functionality and completeness with forward thinking and bleeding edge. How do you handle social media when you want to promote both? Ken has many colleagues from other domains also going through the two-hatted scenario and will interview and share their feelings on how they’ve adapted.

Photo of Ken Walker

Ken Walker

Shopify Inc.

Ken is the lead for the Open Source Orion project. He aims to make web based development tools match and exceed the capabilities of a desktop IDE and not just for Web applications. His work in developer tools includes a long history from ENVY/Smalltalk, VisualAge for Java, VisualAge Micro Edition, Eclipse and now the JavaScript based client side Orion platform. Previously he was responsible for IBM’s J9 Mobile JVM platform.