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Developing Micro-services with Java and Spring

Phillip Webb (Pivotal)
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The idea of micro-services has gained a lot of traction recently, with companies like Netflix basing their entire infrastructure around them. The JVM is also seeing a resurgence in popularity, and open-source projects, such as DropWizard, are being developed to bring micro-services to Java.

What may surprise you is just how easy it is to create a micro-service using Spring.

This presentation will teach you how to develop a simple REST service using Spring Boot. We will demonstrate how an 8Mb executable jar is all you really need to serve production code; why this style of application makes sense for Cloud deployment; and how, these days, you don’t need reams of XML to get started with Spring.

We will live-code an example service and briefly discuss how the technology was used within Pivotal to develop the new ‘’ website.

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Phillip Webb


Phil Webb is a Spring Framework developer and co-creator of the Spring Boot project. Prior to joining Pivotal and relocating to California, Phil worked for a number of UK technology companies.

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Picture of Phillip Webb
Phillip Webb
07/16/2014 4:56pm PDT

I plan to talk in general terms about about the practical things you need to do to make a microservice using Spring. I’ll be live-coding a microservice in the talk using Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Integration.

Picture of Praveen Gurupadappa
Praveen Gurupadappa
07/16/2014 4:33pm PDT

Micro-service means building application using Spring boot