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Painless Data Storage with MongoDB and Go

Steve Francia (Google)
Databases & Datastores
Portland 256
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As an emerging language Go is able to start fresh without years of relational database dependencies. Application and library developers are able to build applications using the excellent Mgo MongoDB driver and the reliable go sql package for relational database. Find out why some people claim Go and MongoDB are a “pair made in heaven” and “the best database driver they’ve ever used” in this talk by Gustavo Niemeyer, the author of the mgo driver, and Steve Francia, the drivers team lead at MongoDB Inc.

We will cover:

  • Connecting to MongoDB in various configurations
  • Performing basic operations in Mgo
  • Marshaling data to and from MongoDB
  • Asynchronous & Concurrent operations
  • Pre-fetching batches for seamless performance
  • Using GridFS
  • How MongoDB uses Mgo internally
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Steve Francia


Steve Francia is the creator of hugo, cobra, nitro & spf13-vim. An author of multiple O’Reilly books, Steve blogs at and gives many talks and workshops around the world. He is the Chief Developer Advocate at MongoDB responsible for the developer experience of MongoDB and leads the software engineering team responsible for drivers and integrations with all languages, libraries and frameworks. He loves open source and is thrilled to be able to work on it full time. When not coding he enjoys skateboarding and having fun outdoors with his wife and four children.