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Performing High-Performance Parallel Data Fetching in PHP

Jonah Harris (MeetMe, Inc.)
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While Node.js and other asynchronous technologies have been receiving quite a bit of attention, in this session, we’ll discuss a technology stack we’ve written which permits PHP developers to perform complex database, cache, and API requests asynchronously, in parallel, resulting in excellent response times. This can be done natively in PHP with NO gearman and NO custom PECL extensions.

Jonah Harris

MeetMe, Inc.

Jonah has administered, developed against, and consulted on every major commercial and open source database system to date; his range of knowledge includes everything from query language specifics to the details of Oracle, EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP DB, Firebird, Ingres, and InnoDB internals, file formats, and network protocols.

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Picture of Michael Shadle
Michael Shadle
07/22/2014 8:53am PDT

please post slides or info, i was double booked and wanted to see this too!