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PHP Development for Google Glass using Phass

John Coggeshall (Internet Technology Solutions, LLC)
Mobile Platforms | PHP

It’s the latest breakthrough in wearable technology — Google Glass, the computer that brings us ever so much closer to becoming the Borg. When you develop applications for Glass, you have two options. The first is building native applications using Java on the Android platform, or you can build web-based applications using the Google Mirror API. Phass is a ZF2-based framework (implemented as a Module) designed to make building Google GlassWare applications in PHP as easy as possible. In this talk we’ll show you how Phass works, complete with a live Google Glass demo of an application in action!

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John Coggeshall

Internet Technology Solutions, LLC

John Coggeshall is owner of Internet Technology Solutions, LLC. a high-end web consulting firm based in Michigan. He got started with PHP in 1997 and is the author of three published books and over 100 articles on PHP technologies with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sams Publishing, Apress and O’Reilly. John also is a active contributor to the PHP core as the author of the tidy extension, a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, and frequent speaker at PHP-related conferences worldwide.