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Arduino + Furby Broken Build Notification - Oh, You'll Want to Fix it Quick!

Tina Coleman (Hayden Software)
Main Stage | Open Hardware
Portland Ballroom
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This talk is really an excuse to commandeer my daughter’s Furby and sic it on you, instead of me. Folks have built out connectors to traffic lights and to colored orbs to help notify their team that the build’s down and must be fixed, lest the countdown to donuts begin. But those are just, well, normal annoyances. After a few hours around her Furby (which so nicely chatters back and forth with her sister’s Furby), I’ve decided this thing hits a whole new level of annoyance and needs a new purpose in life.

During the talk we’ll walk through the Arduino development environment hookup, show how to wire the Arduino to the Furby, and get a basic auto-controlled ‘on’ means working, driven by the build status. Newer Furby models use an audio protocol to communicate with other Furbys: next we’ll “cut the wire” from the Arduino, which will also have the side benefit of letting us interact with multiple Furby friends. Then we’ll take the best of the hacks going on in Instructables and Maker land to see just how funky we can make this Furby behave to drive your team ‘Furby-crazy’.

[This talk is no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro, maker of Furby.]

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Tina Coleman

Hayden Software

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