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SWI-Prolog for the Real World

Anne Ogborn (The Elgin Works)
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Most programmers encounter Prolog in a programming languages survey course, where the emphasis is on toy logic puzzles. Unfortunately, this introduction perpetuates a stereotype of Prolog as a special purpose inference engine rather than what it is, a powerful general purpose programming language well adapted to agile programming.

SWI-Prolog is a solid, reliable programming environment used in many mission critical high volume applications. This talk will concentrate first on concrete advantages of logic languages, and then on features of SWI-Prolog that would make it a great programming environment even if not for the
logic programming advantage.

Annie will demonstrate many of SWI-Prolog’s nifty features, including parsing as fundamental operation, constraint programming, and the metanifty web framework.

Photo of Anne Ogborn

Anne Ogborn

The Elgin Works

Anne Ogborn is an avid SWI-Prolog fan, professional SWI-Prolog programmer, and sometimes contributor to the SWI-Prolog project.
She uses SWI-Prolog to create games that create change for the OSU Wavicles, and to program advanced social robotics for Robokind.