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Community Management Training

Jono Bacon (Jono Bacon Consulting)
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials.
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This tutorial contains a series of presentations discussing the many different
topics and skills involved. Importantly, much of this content will include experience
and stories from practical community management work (so the students feel they
are not just receiving information but benefitting from shared practical experience as

Q+A: Real learning occurs when you can map content, skills and the
experience of others to your own requirements. Students will have
an opportunity to ask any questions they wish and there will be regular Q+A breaks
throughout the day.

Referencing Student Needs: Students in the class will have the opportunity to share their
needs and expectations in their own lives and use that as a method of illustrating and
solving problems as a group: this will make the content more relevant and applicable
to real-world scenarios and help networking between students.

Social Opportunity: A core goal for this class is to build a sense of connection
between people who have attended the training. This will be in the form of plenty of
social interaction during the class as well as an optional dinner in the evening. I also
want to help the students keep in touch and continue their learning after the class has

Content and Schedule: The content in the class will provide detailed coverage of the many different topics involved
in community management. This will include how to assess the needs of a community, putting
together a strategic plan, building infrastructure, building buzz and excitement, measuring
and tracking work, handling conflict and more.

The current schedule looks like this (although this is still under development).

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The Core Mechanics Of Community
  • Planning Your Community
  • Building a Strategic Plan
  • Building Collaborative Workflow
  • Defining Community Governance
  • Marketing, Advocacy, Promotion, and Social Media
  • Measuring Your Community
  • Tracking and Measuring Community Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Final Q+A
  • Wrap Up
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Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon Consulting

Leading community manager Jono Bacon is the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting, which provides community strategy/execution, developer workflow, and other services. Previously, Jono served as director of community at GitHub, Canonical, XPRIZE, and OpenAdvantage and consulted and advised a range of organizations including Huawei, GitLab, Sony Mobile, Deutsche Bank, and HackerOne. He is the author of the critically acclaimed The Art of Community, a columnist for Forbes and, founder of the Community Leadership Summit, and cofounder and cohost of the Bad Voltage and LugRadio podcasts.