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Grow Your Community with Events

Kara Sowles (Puppet)
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Planning user events can increase your project’s transparency, encourage new users, and cement current ones. This talk will cover the specific benefits of triage events / hack-a-thons, contributor events, user groups, and small one-day conferences.

Once you’ve identified which events suit your current community, you’ll need to build a plan for them that repeats, improves, and ultimately scales. Learn about planning user groups from afar, creative ways of finding speakers, leveraging your co-workers for mutual benefit, planning with the ability to hand-off work to another organizer, creating permanent resources, re-energizing stagnant events, and more.

This presentation is good for beginners, and I hope those with more experience will find a few helpful tips as well.

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Kara Sowles


Kara Sowles is Community Initiatives Manager at Puppet Labs in Portland, OR. She’s excited to swap user group tips with you for far too long.

When she’s done planning events and running community programs at Puppet Labs, she enjoys going home and making stop motion animation with actual Puppets.

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Picture of Anne Ogborn
Anne Ogborn
06/29/2014 1:34pm PDT

I’m a ‘booster’ for an OS language that has a reputation as an academic language only. I’d love to hear how to attract developers to introductory events – so many events are ‘about’ a technology, what do you do to introduce a new technology?

Picture of Kara Sowles
Kara Sowles
05/21/2014 4:54am PDT

Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about during the session. Cheers!