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Telling Technology Stories with IPython Notebook

Josh Barratt (Media Temple)
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To be effective technologists, we often have to tell stories and share information; either showing our technical peers techniques and approaches, or distilling information into a non-technical form for other decision-makers. Python provides a rich set of tools not just for building software, but for analysis and visualization of data. IPython Notebook gives a framework to explore, then combine explanatory text, diagrams, and code into a single document which can be shared as PDF, HTML, or an interactive notebook file.

This talk will provide a basic introduction to working with IPython Notebook, then show several examples of effective use for things like:

  • Documenting coding techniques
  • Log analysis, featuring analytics and visualization tools
  • Basic machine learning

Finally, testing, automation, and sharing beautiful, publication (and management) ready results will be discussed.

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Josh Barratt

Media Temple

Josh joined leading (mt) Media Temple, a leading LA-based web hosting and cloud services company, as a system engineer in 2003 before making his way up to CTO and then Chief Architect. Josh’s world is a blend of computer science, software development, systems administration and the people and processes that tie it all together. Prior to Media Temple, he worked six years as a software engineer and has built everything from large clustered systems to embedded real-time motion control for special effects, and almost everything in between. Though experienced in a number of programming languages and environments, his current happy place is with Python.