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Git for Teams of One or More

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You’ve dabbled a little in version control using Git. You know about commits and pulls and branches. You may have even tried Git to rebase something once (and remember getting kinda freaked out by the headless thing). You can follow along with the various tutorials you’ve found online. But now you’ve been asked to implement a work flow strategy for your company’s next project and you’re not really sure how (or where) to start.

In this session you will work closely with long-time version control lover Emma Jane Westby to create the perfect work flow strategy for each of your projects. This is a process workshop designed to help you sort through the pros and cons of different types of work flows. It is not just a tutorial on how to run Git from the command line—it’s a workflow overhaul. Promise.


* People with a very limited knowledge of Git will do better in this workshop.
* Technical project managers, developers transitioning to management positions, and developers looking to accept community contributions for their projects will get the most out of this session.
* To get the most out of this session you should bring your favorite diagramming tools (pencil and paper are perfect!).
* If you want to test out the commands, you should also bring a computer with Internet capabilities, and access to a remote repository, such as GitHub or BitBucket.

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Photo of Emma Jane Hogbin Westby

Emma Jane Hogbin Westby


Emma Jane Westby (née Hogbin) has been working as a web developer since 1996, and has been participating in FOSS communities for over a decade. She’s authored two books on Drupal (including the ever-popular Front End Drupal), and contributed technical reviews, and articles to many more publications. Passionate about information, and knowledge acquisition, Emma Jane teaches Web-based technologies online, at her local community college, and at conferences around the world. She is well-known in the Drupal community for her Drupal socks and their GPLed pattern. In her spare time, Emma Jane crafts, keeps bees, and likes to drink Scotch. You can find her at