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Application Deployment and Auto-scaling On OpenStack using Heat

Diane Mueller (Red Hat OpenShift)
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This session’s goal is to illustrate how devops can use Heat to orchestrate the deployment and scaling of complex applications on top of OpenStack. Starting with a walk-thru of the example deployment Heat Templates for OpenShift Origin (available in openstack github repository) I’ll walk thru the existing templates and enhance them to provide additional functionalities such as positioning alarms, responding to alarms, adding instances, and auto-scaling.

  • Introduction to PaaS Architecture (5 mins)
  • Introduction to OpenShift & OpenStack (5 mins)
  • Introduction to Heat 10 mins
  • Demo OpenShift deployment using Heat (12.5 mins)
  • In depth examinations of the Heat Templates (12.5 mins)

I’ll also cover creating images with OpenStack’s Disk Builder and registering the images with Glance.

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Diane Mueller

Red Hat OpenShift

Diane Mueller is RedHat’s OpenShift Origin Open Source Community Manager. Diane has been designing and implementing products and applications embedded into mission critical systems at F500 corporations for over 20 years She is a thought leader in cloud computing, open source community building, and cat herding.