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Tsuru: Open Source Cloud Application Platform

Francisco Souza (The New York Times)
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Tsuru is a fully open source, component oriented, cloud based application platform. It allows developers to focus on developing, testing and deploying software in an easier way, without worrying about infrastructure, operating system, networking and any other machine setup details.

When compared to others platform as a service (PaaS) solutions, Tsuru stands out for its ability to handle failures gracefully, its fully open source stack and its extensibility, besides being used in a large scale production environment.

It is designed so that its components are easy to replace, most of the communication between components happens through interfaces, and replacing a component is as easy as providing an alternative implementation for the interface.

Tsuru also provides an extensible service architecture, where suppliers can provide their services to application developers. This is how an application would use a MongoDB or MySQL database for example.

Go is the language used to build Tsuru, and that choice makes Tsuru’s code easy to read, maintain, extend and allow Tsuru developers to take advantage of some of Go’s key features: the large support for concurrency primitives; and the power and extensibility of using interfaces. Besides Go, there are other powerful tools behind Tsuru, like Juju and Docker.

This talk aims to introduce Tsuru and its components, demonstrating how they work together and diving into their architectures.

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Francisco Souza

The New York Times

Francisco Souza is a software engineer at, the largest media company in Latin America. He works in the cloud platform team, building an open source solution to be adopted by all portals.