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Creating Models

Rob Allen (Nineteen Feet Limited)
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How are you supposed to organise your models in a PHP MVC application? What goes where? What is a service class, a mapper or an entity? This talk will look at the components of the model layer and the options you have when creating your models. We’ll look at the different schools of thought in this area and compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses with an eye to flexibility and testability.

We’ll discuss the terminology and also take a look at what a service layer is and see how you use service classes to provide the business logic for your application and hide your persistence code from your controllers. By the end of this session you will be equipped to create excellent, maintainable models in your projects.

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Rob Allen

Nineteen Feet Limited

Rob Allen is a software engineer, project manager and trainer. Rob Allen has been programming in a with PHP for a very long time now and contributes to Zend Framework and other open source projects. He is a ZF contributor, member of the ZF Community team and also wrote Zend Framework in Action. Rob holds a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK and started out writing C++ applications; he now concentrates solely on web-based applications in PHP. Rob is UK-based and runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on web development, training and consultancy.

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Rob Allen
07/22/2014 9:03am PDT

The link to the slides now work. Thanks for the report.

Picture of Michael Shadle
Michael Shadle
07/22/2014 8:54am PDT

the link to the slides is a 404 :/