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Druid: Interactive Queries Meet Real-time Data

Eric Tschetter (Yahoo)
Databases & Datastores
Portland 256
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Druid is an open source, real-time data store designed to work with high volume, high dimension data. Druid enables fast aggregations and arbitrary filters, supports both batch and streaming data ingestion, and seamlessly connects with popular storage systems ― including S3, HDFS, Cassandra, and more. This talk will focus on the initial motivations and design considerations behind the system. Druid is in use at Metamarkets, Netflix, and several other organizations to facilitate rapid exploration of high dimensional spaces. Metamarkets uses Druid to expose impression monetization data to ad tech companies along any arbitrary combination of demographic, content and sales-based dimensions. The Metamarkets cluster currently exposes a data set of >50 billion rows of data representing >2 trillion impressions in tables with 30+ dimensions while maintaining a 95% query latency under 1 second.

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Eric Tschetter


Eric Tschetter is the creator and one of the main Contributors to Druid, an open source, real-time analytical data store. He is currently an individual contributor to, a non-profit diabetes research organization. Eric was previously the VP of Engineering and lead architect at Metamarkets, and has held senior engineering positions at Ning and LinkedIn.He holds bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Japanese from the University of Texas at Austin, and a M.S. from the University of Tokyo in Computer Science.

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Daniel Swinney
07/29/2014 2:11am PDT

Thanks, Shirley and Eric!

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
07/29/2014 1:34am PDT

@Daniel: The PDF is now available at the top of this page, under Rate This Session

Picture of Eric Tschetter
Eric Tschetter
07/29/2014 12:50am PDT

Daniel, I just uploaded the slides. Hopefully you can use this url…

Daniel Swinney
07/25/2014 2:07am PDT

This was an interesting talk… are there slides available?