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A Presentation Toolbox that Just Might Blow Your Audience Away

Florian Haas (hastexo)
Geek Lifestyle
Portland 252
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When I do presentations, one of the questions I get is invariably about my toolbox. I stopped using tools like Impress and Google Presentations a long time ago, and ditched them in favor of HTML based presentations. And you can do the same!

This talk covers

  • the amazing reveal.js JavaScript library, which comes with an insane amount of features that will make you ridiculously ecstatic,
  • shellinaboxd, a spiffy little AJAX/JavaScript terminal emulator that is ludicrously useful for presenting anything that requires you to show off a terminal
  • qrcode.js, a neat little piece of JavaScript that makes it super easy for your audience to grab additional talk materials you wish to share with them
  • other nifty bits and pieces for engaging, appealing presentations using nothing but free and open-source software tech.
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Florian Haas


Florian is an open source software specialist, experienced technical consultant, seasoned training instructor, and frequent public speaker. He has spoken at conferences like LinuxCon, OSCON,, the OpenStack Summit, the MySQL Conference and Expo, and countless user and meetup groups across the globe.

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Yong Guan
07/20/2014 9:27am PDT

I think reveal.js is really cool, but its code is not modularized/organized enough for people to use it. It took me a few hours to separate the script loading and markup from the one big index.html page, so that I can have only one index.html for all my presentations. My code is here (, but I do have time to document it yet. The presentations/deom is here (, when you go to the second slide and then click on the here link, it will use query string to load a different slides.