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Let Them Be Your Heroes

Francesca Krihely (MongoDB)
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We’ve all met our open source champions. These are the wunderkinds who get us going in the morning; they get us excited when we see a new pull request come in or an email announcing a new patch patch. These people are awesome and they make open source projects thrive. How do we keep them going? We need to stretch the landscape of the champion. We need to make more people Heroes. They need to set the standard of excellence in Open Source.

In this talk, we’ll go through strategies of inclusion that will empower your community and lead more people towards open source greatness. Community managers will learn more about the communication techniques that lead to empowerment and open source leaders will gain a greater understanding of how to lead talented contributors to more significant projects and give them the tools to grow as leaders. This talk will also address issues of diversity and empowerment in open source, specifically around including more women, transpeople and people of color.

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Francesca Krihely


Francesca is the Community Lead for MongoDB, managing the fastest growing community in Big Data. In this role she is responsible for managing acquisition and development of new community members and build out open source contributions to MongoDB’s server and project ecosystem. She holds a BA from Oberlin College in History and Sociology and is a recovering Philosophy nerd.