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Rebooting Open Source at Facebook

James Pearce (Facebook)
Main Stage
Portland Ballroom
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Open source has always been a huge part of Facebook’s engineering philosophy. The company uses, maintains, and contributes to a significant number of major projects – in areas as diverse as native mobile tools, big data systems, client-side web libraries, backend runtimes and infrastructure, and, through the Open Compute Project, server and storage hardware.

Starting the summer of 2013, we developed a comprehensive suite of internal tools to start managing our fast growing open source portfolio, and developed a series of metrics that made it easy to maintain community health, improve engagement, and launch new projects (and reboot older ones) responsibly and incredibly quickly.

We explore this approach by looking at specific examples of projects released under this new program: an in particular those technologies that specifically meet the unique scale and performance challenges that the company faces.

This session is an honest glimpse into the unique way in which open source is woven into Facebook’s engineering workflow and culture, and how innovative tooling and instrumentation allows it to stay open, stay responsible, and yet still move fast and be true to its hacker culture.

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James Pearce


James manages the open source program at Facebook. He’s a developer and writer with a special passion for the web, mobile platforms of all sorts, and helping developers explore their potential.

James’ mobile projects include confess.js, WhitherApps, tinySrc,, Device Atlas, and mobiForge. Previously at Sencha, dotMobi, Argogroup and Ernst & Young, he has also written books on the mobile web for Wrox & Wiley. He’s easy to find at /jamesgpearce or

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Picture of James Pearce
James Pearce
07/23/2014 9:41am PDT

Thanks all for coming. It was fun & I’m happy to answer any more questions here.