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Apache Cordova: Past, Present and Future

Joe Bowser (Adobe)
Mobile Platforms
Portland 251
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The original purpose of PhoneGap back in its inception in 2008 was for it to no longer be needed. The belief was that HTML/CSS and Javascript would eventually become first class citizens and would be one of the primary ways that people would develop applications. However, despite numerous changes, there is even more activity around Apache Cordova than there ever has in the past. This talk will go through what is possible today using HTML5, CSS and Javascript with and without Apache Cordova, what still needs work, where the future is heading, and how you can help.

This will also cover some of the different ways that one can use Cordova, and is a good introductory talk on the differences between a pure HTML5 application, a Hybrid Application, a fully native application, and why none of these distinctions should matter to your users.

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Joe Bowser


Joe is the creator of PhoneGap for Android and is the longest contributing committer to the PhoneGap and Apache Cordova projects respectively. When he is not contributing to Open Source at Adobe, he spends his spare time working on various hardware projects at home, as well as at the Vancouver Hack Space, which he co-founded.