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Building Native iOS and Android Apps in Java

Steve Hannah (Simon Fraser University)
Java & JVM | Mobile Platforms
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This tutorial will introduce participants to the Codename One framework for building cross-platform mobile applications in Java. During the tutorial we will develop an application that demonstrates a large selection of the features of Codename One. This will include examples that consume web services, generate and play audio and video content, makes use of GPS and location services, as well as creating native interfaces to access devices features that aren’t yet exposed by the Codename One API.


* Attendees should have Experience with Java
* Please bring a Internet enabled laptop with Netbeans 7.4 or higher installed and working. During the tutorial we’ll download the free Codename One plugin to Netbeans, so you can do this before hand to save time.
* Non-essential but nice to haves: A free codename one account.

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Photo of Steve Hannah

Steve Hannah

Simon Fraser University

I am a software developer because I love to create things and software imposes the fewest limitations on my creativity of any medium. Computer + Idea + Time + Perspiration = Any outcome you want.

I started out with a G3 Bondi-Blue iMac and a free copy of Adobe Page Mill in 1998, but quickly expanded my horizon to include HTML, Javascript, PERL, Flash 3, and finally PHP 3 – in that order. Finding myself spending hours reading and writing web apps before and my day job, I decided to take my aspirations to the next level and attend University. I never looked back.

I am a recovering O’Reilly book junkie who still has serious relapses from time-to-time. I try to stay open to any new software techniques and languages that come along, but currently I use PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL for most of my web application development, and Java for most of my desktop and mobile application development.

I founded a few open source projects, including Xataface (a framework for building data-driven web applications with PHP and MySQL) and SWeTE (Simple Website Translation Engine), a proxy for internationalizing web applications. I also enjoy blogging about software-related issues.