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How to Achieve Enterprise Storage Functionality with OpenStack Block Storage

John Griffith (SolidFire)
Databases & Datastores
Portland 256
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In this session, SolidFire’s John Griffith will review some of the key features included within OpenStack Block Storage to help customers achieve the enterprise storage functionality they require to host production applications in their cloud infrastructure. This functionality includes;

  • Managing multiple storage arrays
  • Performing Backups
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Leveraging Snapshots & Clones
  • Ensuring Departmental QoS
  • Transferring volumes among tenants

After reviewing the approach taken in OpenStack to executing each of these functions, John will then demonstrate how to access and exploit this functionality in the latest software release. Part of this discussion will include current features in Icehouse and things we’re planning for Juno. This session will close with a discussion about some key best practices consideration when implementing these different features in your OpenStack cloud.

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John Griffith


John Griffith is a Senior Software Engineer at SolidFire, where his primary responsibility is driving the OpenStack Cinder Block Storage Project. John is an open source expert serving as the project team lead for Cinder. He leads the team to provide first-class SolidFire product functionality and Quality of Service integration within OpenStack. John is also responsible for the development of a true Quality of Service storage appliance designed and built for the cloud.
He has significant software engineering experience, most recently serving as lead software engineer at HP. During his tenure, John focused on building large scale fibre channel SANS to continuously test and develop storage and lead the development on a Unified Storage API.

John holds a bachelor’s degree from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.