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Debugging LAMP Apps on Linux/UNIX Using Open Source Tools

Jess Portnoy (Kaltura)
PHP | Tools & Techniques
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The tutorial will cover the use of various useful debugging tools, both general and specific to web apps.

It will focus on PHP based apps but vast parts of it are useful for other commonly used open sourced, interpretor languages.

The session will cover tools such as:

  • GDB [for debugging the PHP engine and extensions, written in C/C++]
  • Xdebug [for debugging PHP code]
  • Shell utilities for better inspection of error and access logs such as ccze, efficient use of grep,sed.
  • Tracing processes with strace and more.

The session will feature several, real life examples such as:

  • A PHP extension causing seg faults
  • Reviewing Apache access and error logs to discover bad VHost configurations and rewrite rules
  • Various badly set PHP directives causing malfunctions
  • Debugging PHP code using Xdebug

Participants will take part of the debugging process, asked to make suggestions as to how to advance and be prompted to share cases they’ve had, solved or did solve so we can analyse them and come up with effective ways to trace the issues.


* Experience developing in an interpretor language
* Basic familiarity of the Linux/UNIX ENVs, either developing on these platform or debugging on production ENVs
* It would be helpful for participants to have their laptops, installed with any Linux distribution with a LAMP stack installed.

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Jess Portnoy


Jess Portnoy has been an open source developer and believer for the last 15 years. Prior to Kaltura, Jess worked, among other places, at Zend where she was responsible for porting and packaging PHP and Zend projects on all supported .*nix platforms. Jess also grows 3 pet projects hosted in sourceforge.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.