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An Elasticsearch Crash Course

Databases & Datastores
Portland 256
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Elasticsearch has fast become a favorite in the realm of datastores over the past few years. It has made the relatively obscure technology of Information Retrieval (AKA full text search), more accessible by broadening its scope. Its intelligent architecture has made the advanced technology of Lucene, which comprises its core, easy to use for any developer. One of the key reasons Elasticsearch has become so popular is its hybridization of full text search engine characteristics with NoSQL principles like distributed consensus and automatic sharding, replication, and healing.

In this talk we’ll explore the basics of Elasticsearch and full text search in general. We’ll dive in and learn how to look at text through the eyes of a search engine, and learn how to apply these techniques to everyday problems. The internals of Elasticsearch will also be briefly covered. If you’ve ever wondered how full text search engines can rip through and sort a mountain of data, an introduction to some of the fascinating techniques used to accomplish this task will also be presented.

Andrew Cholakian


Author of Exploring Elasticsearch, and developer/evangelist at, Andrew Cholakian is an active member of the Elasticsearch community. Additionally, he is behind several elasticsearch OSS projects as well, including the popular “Stretcher” Elasticsearch library for the Ruby language. He’s also a veteran of multiple startups in the LA area, and is an active member of the local startup community.