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XSS and SQL Injections: The Tip of the Web Security Iceberg

Tobias Zander (Self-Employed)
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You might know about XSS and usual SQL injection, but time has changed and we have to keep up-to-date with the latest attack scenarios.
Do you also know what a clickjacking is? If not I’ll show you how to protect against it.
I’ll also present techniques like Perfect Pixel Timing and a combination of xss/time-based-sql-injection to access intranet sites, which are not even compromised.

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Tobias Zander


Tobias is the CTO and a partner at Sitewards in Frankfurt, who specialize in e-commerce solutions.
Previously he was well regarded as a freelance consultant and software architect. Over the past years he has built up a development team at Sitewards that thrives to be at the cutting edge of web development.
With passion of inspiring developers he has taken part in and spoken at conferences such as Meet Magento, Developers Paradise, IPC, User groups and Unconferences. He has also had articles published in t3n and PHPMagazin.