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Refactoring 101

Adam Culp (Zend Technologies)
Portland 251
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Adam Culp will talk about refactoring code (the practice of altering code to make it cleaner, simpler, and sometimes faster, while not sacrificing functionality). We all hate to do it, but it is a necessary evil. So lets talk about how to do it better. Adam will discuss: When to refactor. How to refactor. Why refactor. How a refactor can help us write better code in the future. A common methodology and steps to follow while refactoring, and resources to help us all on our refactor journey.

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Adam Culp

Zend Technologies

Adam Culp, organizer of the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and South Florida PHP Users Group (SoFloPHP) where he speaks regularly, is a Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer consulting for Zend Technologies. Adam is passionate about developing with PHP and enjoys helping others write good code, implement standards, refactor efficiently, and incorporate unit and functional tests into their projects. When he is not coding or contributing to various developer communities, he can be found hiking around the United States National Parks, teaching judo, or long distance running.