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DIY: OSCON schedule

The OSCON schedule is big. Really, really big. We have 18+ simultaneous sessions, plus tutorials, keynotes, events, and the expo hall happening over the course of 5 days--it's practically an embarrassment of riches. 

And not surprisingly, the schedule page is the most visited page, especially during the convention. Finding a way to effectively display the information that attendees need (on multiple devices) is a challenge--it's not just the sheer number of sessions and tracks, but the speakers' names and the room numbers and all the other details you need to know. 

What we know

There are a few things in life that are certain and this is one of them: OSCON attendees like to do things their way. And if something isn't the way they want it, they're gonna build it for themselves. People have already asked us for the raw data to build their own OSCON schedule, so we thought we'd open it to everyone.

So go ahead. Make it better.

What's in it for me?

Besides the fame, glory, and bragging rights, we'll also shower you with swag and share your version of the schedule with everyone at OSCON.

How do I submit my brilliant solution?

Once you have your schedule ready, share the link with us at and tweet it out with the #osconschedule hashtag.

Project Rules:

  • For purposes of this project, (1) O'Reilly Media grants you the right to incorporate the schedule feed data into a grid you've developed, and (2) "grid" means the way in which your organize and present our schedule data
  • You must license the code used to create your grid under the MIT License 
  • You must include the following statement prominently where your grid appears: "This presentation of OSCON schedule data was created by [your name here] as part of the OSCON DIY Schedule project. Please note that the schedule is subject to change and O'Reilly's official OSCON schedule is at" 
  • You may not reproduce any O'Reilly or OSCON logos on your site.

OSCON schedule data feed

 Schedule feed:

* Schedule is subject to change (rooms, times, event names, speakers, etc).

1. Conferences: 'serial' is the serial # which identifies the specific conference. For OSCON this will be 115.

There are three subcategories:
a. events
b. speakers
c. venues


2. Events: 'serial' # references the specific event. For event_type of "Break" the serial # is in a different format. It is prepended by 'slot_', for example: slot_15176.

3. Events: 'name' is the name of the specific event

4. Events: 'event_type' identifies the type of event. For OSCON these could be:
a. 40-minute conference session
b. tutorial
c. Other
d. Main Stage
e. Keynote
f. Event
g. BoF
h. Office Hours
i. 30-minute conference session
* Note: The event_type listings are subject to change.

5. Events: 'time_start' in this format 2014-07-23 17:00:00

6. Events: 'time_stop' in this format 2014-07-23 17:40:00

7. Events: 'venue_serial' is the serial # of the venue (room), which is included in another part of the JSON feed

8. Events: 'description' is the description of the specific event

9. Events: 'website_url' is the OSCON website URL to the specific event

10. Events: 'speakers' are the serial #'s of the speakers, which are included in another part of the JSON feed

11. Events: 'categories' list one or more category types for each specific event and are subject to change.


12. Speakers: 'serial' is the serial # of the speaker

13. Speakers: 'name' is the name of the speaker

14. Speakers: 'photo' is the URL on the CDN for the speaker's photo

15. Speakers: 'url' is a personal URL, provided to O'Reilly by the speaker

16. Speakers: 'position' is the speaker's current position or title

17. Speakers: 'affiliation' is the speaker's company or affiliation

18. Speakers: 'twitter' is the speaker's twitter handle

19. Speakers: 'bio' is a bio provided by the speaker


20. Venues: 'serial' is the serial # of the venue

21. Venues: 'name' is the venue/room name

22. Venues: 'category' is the venue category. For the OSCON feed all are currently labeled as "Conference Venues". 

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