July 22-26, 2013
Portland, Oregon

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Chris Cargile commented on OSCON 5K Glow Run/Walk and After Party
ugh..forum prevented displaying my contact info… follybeachris is the first part

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Chris Cargile commented on OSCON 5K Glow Run/Walk and After Party
if so please email them to me: at hotmail d0t c0m>

Featured Speakers

It's hard to explain the sort of impact that a good conference can have on your career and even your life, but we can't express how much you should go to one in order to gain inspiration, have fun and learn a whole bunch of new stuff you can take back to your workplace.
— Martijn Verburg, London Java Community

Build Your Open Source Expertise

The open source world is bigger and more diverse than it was at the first OSCON, but one thing hasn't changed in 15 years: learning in person, from the masters, is both effective and inspiring. Take a look at the OSCON program and lineup of speakers; you'll find plenty of opportunities to learn from the best.

Some OSCON topics we know will get you fired up:

  • Increasing your credibility and value to any company: how building your skills beyond "competency" makes you not only a better technologist, but a better bet for employers and clients
  • Building a business around open source: best practices, dealing with obstacles, what it really takes to make it work
  • Incorporating innovations in user experience, including interfaces, design, and usability
  • Managing cultural change brought on by ubiquitous networks and computing devices
  • Optimizing cloud computing and openness in distributed services
  • Living the Geek lifestyle: hacking, productivity tips, maker culture
  • Working with open web, open standards, and open data
  • Understanding what leadership means in the culture of open source today

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