Eric Redmond

Eric Redmond
Director of Innovation Technology, Nike

Website | @coderoshi

Eric’s a programmer. He’s also a longtime advocate of alternative storage mechanisms (especially the distributed kind), and loves to write and talk about them. He’s co-author of Seven Databases in Seven Weeks and recently A Little Riak Book. Eric is a Riak Engineer at Basho, small-scal conference organizer, and runs the largest technical web group in Portland.


Location: F150 Level: Intermediate
Eric Redmond (Nike)
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Scalability today is no longer a question of architecture, or programming language, but instead two things: message passing and data distribution. With the following patterns under your belt, anyone is well on their way to solving both. * Message patterns: request-reply, publish-subscribe, push-pull, exclusive pair. * Data structures: DHTs, Vector clocks, Merkel trees, CRDTs. Read more.


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