Fred Trotter

Fred Trotter
Data Journalist,

Website | @fredtrotter

Fred Trotter data journalist focused on Healthcare. He successfull crowdfunded a new open data set called DocGraph. DocGraph is a direct, weighted social connections data set that shows how doctors and hospitals work together to provide healthcare.

In recognition of his role within the Open Source Health Informatics community, Trotter was the only Open Source representative invited by the NCVHS to testify on the definition of ‘meaningful use’.

Fred Trotter has contributed to multiple articles on Health Information Technology in several print and online journals, including WIRED, U.S. News, GigaOM, zdnet, Government Health IT, Modern Healthcare Online, Linux Journal and Free Software Magazine.

Trotter has a B.S in Computer Science, a B.A in psychology and a B.A in philosophy from Trinity University. Trotter minored in Business Administration, Cognitive Science, and Management Information Systems. Before working directly on health software, Trotter passed the CISSP certification and consulted for VeriSign on HIPAA security for major hospitals and health institutions. Trotter was originally trained in information security at the Air Force Information Warfare Center.


Location: F151 Level: Novice
Fred Trotter (, Ashish Patel (Not Only Dev), Rick Trotter (Not Only Dev), Renee DiResta (New Knowledge), Clayton Trotter (University of Alaska)
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