Mark Hinkle

Mark Hinkle
Vice President, Marketing, The Linux Foundation

Website | @mrhinkle

Once upon a time, a lot longer ago then he wished Mark Hinkle was born in a small Pennsylvania town and through the most unlikely sequence of events ended up as a technologist involved in the development and evangelism of free and open source software. Mark has written extensively on open source as the former editor-in-chief of LinuxWorld Magazine and for numerous other publications (Network World, Forbes, He currently is the Senior Director, Cloud Computing at Citrix Systems where he helps support the Apache CloudStack and projects. You can find his blog at and you can follow him on Twitter @mrhinkle.


Location: Portland Ballroom
Mark Hinkle (The Linux Foundation )
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(3.77, 35 ratings)
Free and open source software is equal parts technology and humanity. Beyond the coding standards, development environments and essential parts of delivering free software the ideals that drive this movement are powerful. This is a reflection on the lessons gleaned from successful F/LOSS communities and a call to action to spread their ideals to other endeavors such as medicine and government. Read more.
Location: F150 Level: Novice
Mark Hinkle (The Linux Foundation )
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(4.56, 9 ratings)
Imagine it’s eight o’clock on a Thursday morning and you awake to see a bulldozer out your window ready to plow over your data center. Normally you might consult the Encyclopedia Galáctica to discern the best course of action but your copy is likely out of date. That’s why you need to attend this talk to understand what to do when the Vogons threaten to destroy your data center. Read more.


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