Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor
Open Source Community Manager, Numenta


Matt Taylor is the open source community manager for the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing, where he spends most of his time managing, encouraging, and interacting with the NuPIC OS community. Matt has been working with and on open source projects for years. Originally from a farming community in rural Missouri, Matt now lives in California and increasingly finds it hard to leave.


Location: Portland Ballroom
Scott Purdy (Numenta), Matthew Taylor (Numenta)
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This new open source library is based concepts first described in Jeff Hawkins' book On Intelligence and subsequently developed by Numenta Inc. NuPIC consists of a set of machine learning algorithms that accurately model layers of neurons in the neocortex. NuPIC's algorithms continuously learn temporal patterns, make predictions, and detect anomalous behavior within streaming data. Read more.


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