Francesc Campoy Flores

Francesc Campoy Flores
Developer Advocate, Google

Website | @francesc

Francesc Campoy Flores is a developer advocate for Go and the cloud at Google. Francesc joined the Go team in 2012, and since then he has written considerable didactic resources and traveled the world attending conferences, organizing live courses, and meeting fellow gophers. He joined Google as a backend software engineer working mostly in C++ and Python but rediscovered how fun programming can be when he found Go.


Location: Portland 256
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(2.20, 25 ratings)
Go is an open source programming language, developed at Google. Optimized for systems programming, Go combines the ease of a dynamic language with the safety of a statically compiled language, along with support for networked and multicore programming. Read more.
Location: Portland 255 Level: Intermediate
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(3.62, 13 ratings)
In this talk we share these "best practices" by building a Go library from the ground up, at each stage discussing the decisions we made and why we made them. In this way the audience should gain an understanding of how to effectively design, build, test, and package their own Go programs and libraries. Read more.


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