Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne
CEO, OpenCar, Inc.

Website | @opencarinc

Jeff Payne: Over the past 20 years, Jeff has directed systems design, operations, software and hardware development for a series of notable companies. At Spry in 1993, he helped conceive and develop the one of the first integrated Internet software products for consumers, O’Reilly’s Internet-In-a-Box. In 1996, he created the first global-scale Content Delivery Network (CDN) for multimedia, RealNetworks’ Real Broadcast Network (RBN). As co-founder of Bivio Networks in 2001, he helped create a new product category found in almost every large network today, the field-programmable packet-editing appliance. He then founded GridNetworks in 2005 and drove it to a merger in 2009 before creating OpenCar in 2011. His most recent endeavor is OpenCar, which he founded in 2011 to provide software and services for a new and highly specialized category of Internet-connected device, the modern automobile.


Open Hardware, Programming
Location: Portland 255 Level: Intermediate
Jeff Payne (OpenCar, Inc.), Sam Skjonsberg (OpenCar, Inc.)
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We'll cover OS development for a new market: automotive apps. In-car apps are poised to explode for open source developers. The market is transforming from an inefficient, proprietary model to an HTML5-based “app store” model. To enter and participate in this new target category, developers need access to automakers, automotive systems, and knowledge of industry standards and platforms. Read more.


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