Tony Santos

Tony Santos
User Experience Designer, Mozilla

Website | @tsmuse

I’m an interaction designer, and human centered design is my thing. I’ve worked for a number of different user groups over the last ten years, but have been lucky enough to get to focus on highly trained users for the last three. I studied Advertising and Design at the Columbus College of Art & Design and Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. I’m currently in San Francisco where I design developer solutions for Mozilla when I’m not surfing or adventuring in the California great outdoors.


User Experience (UX)
Location: D136 Level: Novice
Tony Santos (Mozilla)
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The best tech companies know that designing products with their users in mind is the key to success. Everyone says "Design" is the new hot skill in the tech world. Not only can open source projects benefit from human-centered design practices, they are in a position to get super charged results. Learn the basics of HCD thinking and practices, and how to incorporate it into your next project. Read more.


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